Me Gusta

So last week while wandering the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona with my lady friends we came across a shoe shop which had me instantly salivating. Stepping into a veritable Willy Wonka Shoe Shop we saw walls and tables lined with ballet pumps in every colour conceivable. The shoes are made in different combinations of leather and provide podiatry relief to weary ladies with a comfortable insole and a teeny bit of a heel. Positively delicious. NOM. The label is Called Kokua and sadly is not available online. It appears the only way to buy is to visit Barcelona, booooo. (or yay! lets all go on a holiday!)

                                                    leather and canvas and glitter, oh my!

To my unrestrained delight we discovered that they also make handbags. Seemingly all in the same style, a rectangular tote, they come in a single leather, double leather and goat leather. Divine. unfortunately the price was una mica petita above my holiday budget but otherwise I would have come home with one in every silky, soft, buttery colour.

What I loved about the Gothic and Born Districts in Barcelona were the amount of small artisan workshop/shops, where you can watch the bag/shoe/clothes/jewellery makers at work while browsing the rails. There is something special about buying something straight out of the hands of the designer or craftsperson and in Barcelona there seems to be a respect for the craftsperson and quality design. Another example we came across was the Coshop in the Born district, a collaborative store of local fashion designers stocking a mixture of clothing and accessories, similar in a way to Project 51 here in Dublin. Unfortunately I was too busy trawling the rails to even begin thinking about taking photographs, but you have my word, it was good. M’agrada.

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