Holy Sacred Profanity!

  Dolce and Gabbanna Winter 2013    With the way the endless Winter is carrying on I’m beginning to accept that there will be little or no Summer. At least we have this… Continue reading

Specs Appeal

I know everyone loves a good giveaway so delighted to share that the ever generous folk over at Sunglassesshop.com are doing just that, with a pair of Prada 27NS sunglasses. Its simple, just follow… Continue reading

New York Fashion Week 2013 – In which BCBG Max Azria layers layers and Marc Jacobs steals the Sun

This year in New York one and one alone stood out for me as the collection of the season. That of BCBG Max Azria. With a decidedly gypsy-meets-leandra medine feel, the models stomped… Continue reading

SAG awards 2013. Mostly more ‘Meh’

When it comes to the awards season I always find myself caught up in the pre-event red-carpet hype of ‘who will wear what by who from when’ yet when it comes to the… Continue reading

Style evolution – The Origin of Species

According to my informative and insightful desk calendar, this weekend marks the 153rd anniversary since Charles Darwin published  ‘The Origin of  Species.’ The hefty tome was at first ridiculed by the masses but… Continue reading

Beware Black Friday!

Up until recently, Black Friday was an exclusively American Sale day but in the last few years however some online European retailers have jumped on board, such as amazon.co.uk. What scares me about black… Continue reading

Todays Togs

Teeny Tiny Owl stack rings from Elegant Emporium. Available here!

Allo Allo Aldo.

I came across this video last week and thought it was a nice share. Footwear company Aldo set up a stand in the middle of a street in Tel Aviv with a list… Continue reading

MMM for H&M collection. Yay or Nay?

I’m beginning to feel like all I talk about here is H&M collaborations. While it isn’t entirely true, I do enjoy the hype and secrecy surrounding them followed (occasionally) by the early morning… Continue reading

Todays Togs

Noa Noa Bengal Quilt Jacket and H&M shirt